Have You Talked to a Lender?

Have You Talked to a Lender?
Have You Talked to a Lender?

Often when a buyer beings the home buying process, they see a home that they think they would like, and visit the property before they have spoken to a lenderr about financing.  While often times this isn't realy a problem, there are some good reasons to talk to a lender about the amount you can qualify for, and the types of loans that are available, prior to visiting homes.

  1. Knowing what amount you qualify for will hlep zero in on the best properties available that fall into your price range.
  2. Understanding the loan products that are available will help you assess the amount of down payment, closing costs, and monthly payments that you will have when you finance a home.
  3. Having a prequalification letter in place at the time you make an offer on a home may give you a competitive advantage.  If the seller knows that you are likely to be able to successfully close on your loan, your offer could be viewed more favorably.
Here are a few local lenders that can help you get started on the loan process.  It is always a great idea to speak to a couple of lenders to get a sense for the products they have available, their fees, and the timeframe that they can close a loan.

Aras Butas - Movement Mortage - (970) 286-0123
Kathryn Pedersen - Fidelity Mortgage - (970) 761-2245
Lynn Reiff - Wells Fargo Mortgage - (970) 879-8586

You may also want to check with the mortgage department at your local bank.

Dave Moloney
Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties